Mr. Vaandering's Geology WebQuest

Letter from Mr. Yinnaire


Dear Students,

     I'd like to begin by thanking you for taking on this very important task.  If these schools aren't placed in the right locations, they'll never succeed.  I want my money to be put to good use! 
     In the link just below, you'll find pictures & descriptions of the schools I'd like to build.  Each one has some requirements for the kind of place they should be located near.  Use that information to help you make your final recommendations to me.

     Click here to see the building specs. 

     I've also included a list of landforms that I need explained to me so that I can make informed decisions about this project.  It's important for me to know about the landforms so that I can locate actual places around the world that match those descriptions.

     Click here to see the complete list of landforms.

     When you've completed your research, I'd like you to put together a presentation.  You can choose to create:
  1.  a PowerPoint presentation,
  2. a flip-chart, or
  3. a saltdough model. 
     Whichever you choose, it must explain the landforms, suggest locations for my buildings, and tell why you've made your recommendations.  Your teacher will give you further instructions about how to do those projects.
     After I've reviewed all your projects, I'll pass along the information to my construction company so they can get started right away.

     Thanks again, and good luck!


     Mr. Bill Yinnaire

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