Mr. Vaandering's Geology WebQuest

Choice #1: Flipchart

Each member of the team will create a flipchart.  The flipcharts will be made of 3 sheets of 12X16 construction paper, staggered and folded to create a total of 6 tabbed pages.  The top page will be the front cover and should include a title and the student's name.  Four of the other pages will be dedicated to illustrating and describing different landforms.  The last page can be used however you wish.  Three of the four landforms you select should be ones on which Mr. Yinnaire should construct his buildings.  Besides labeling, you should also give an explanation as to why these landforms would be suitable for the buildings. 
Between your team members, there should be no duplicates.  That means you will all be working on different landforms.  Decide, as a team, which ones you'll work on.
Click here to print out labels to cut out and paste on the tabs of your flipcharts.  You will not use all of them.
Remember to make it very colorful, neat, and accurate!!

Choice #2: PowerPoint

Your team will create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.  Each team member will contribute 4 slides, each describing and illustrating a different landform.  Three of the four landforms should be ones on which Mr. Yinnaire should construct buildings.  Discuss with your team which ones you wish to create so there are no duplicates.  Be sure to include an explanation as to why the landforms would be ideal for the buildings.  When completed, the slideshow should contain a consistent design, an introduction (including team members' names), 12 separate slides for landforms, and a conclusion.   All 9 of Mr. Yinnaire's buildings should be covered within the presentation.  Be creative!  Include animations, transitions, photographs, illustrations, anything to make it visually appealing.  Don't forget accuracy!

Choice #3: Saltdough Models

Your team will design a series of saltdough models of landforms.  Each student will be responsible for making a batch of saltdough according to the recipe given here.  Click here for the recipe.  The materials will be provided by your teacher.  Each member will create 4 models of different landforms on the tray.  Three of the 4 landforms should be ones on which Mr. Yinnaire should build a school.  Discuss with your team which landforms you wish to create so there are no duplicates.  After they've dried, you must paint the landforms and label them.  Be prepared to explain why you've selected these landforms for Mr. Yinnaire's buildings when you present to the class.  When finished, your team will have made 12 different models, 9 of which are suitable for Mr. Yinnaire's schools.  Be sure to make and paint them as accurately and neatly as possible.  Feel free to add as many details as you wish to make them look realistic!


Whichever method above your team chooses, you will all be graded according to the same criteria.  Click here to see how your teacher will grade your project.
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