Mr. Vaandering's Geology WebQuest

Your Mission:

Imagine . . .

Some time ago, a young man from Springfield, named Bill Yinnaire, inherited a large fortune.  His father, Terrill, passed away and left everything to him.  Suddenly, this man became wealthy beyond his dreams.  Since he was already happy, he decided to use his new wealth to construct special schools all over the world.

This is where Bill needs your help.  He knows what he wants to build, but he's not sure which locations would be best.  He needs you to explain landforms to him and then recommend the best ones to meet the needs of these schools.

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Here's what you'll do:

1. Use the internet to discover the definitions of various landforms and water sources.  Find out what is special about each one. 

2. Use what you learn to identify the best type of location for Mr. Yinnaire's buildings according to their special requirements.  

3. Present your findings for Mr. Yinnaire:

  • you may create a flipchart,
  • design a PowerPoint, or
  • construct a saltdough model
4.  Label your project and suggest locations.  You'll need to be able to explain why you chose these locations for the buildings.

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