Mr. Vaandering's Geology WebQuest

Create a Venn Diagram

The following link will take you to a site where you can create a Venn Diagram onine.  Each member of your team will create one, though you may use each other's expertise to fill them out.  Decide which one you will complete.
Here are the choices:

  • Tundra vs. Desert
  • Mesa vs. Butte
  • Valley vs. Canyon
Click here to start creating.

The Project Title should state, "Landforms."
Type in your name in the box next to, "By."
The Labels for Circle 1 and Circle 2 will depend on which diagram you have chose to complete.
In the "Concept" box, type in whichever words you wish to include in the circles.  Then drag it to the correct spot in the diagram.  Watch the "Demo" for an example.

Remember, in a Venn Diagram, the overlapping part of the circles shows what the two landforms have in common.  The parts not overlapping show what is different between them.  List as much as you possibly can!

Not sure what to put in the circles?  Check all your notes.  If you still aren't sure, feel free to go back and check the websites.

When finished, print them out and place in your project folders.

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