Mr. Vaandering's Geology WebQuest

Congratulations, Geologists!!


Great job!

Boys and girls, you've just gotten a taste of what it's like to be a geologist.  You've explored the definitions and examples of several solid landforms as well as many kinds of water sources.  These features of Earth can be found all over our world.  Not only did you research them, but you learned to tell them apart from each other.  Now, when you travel to different places, you'll be able to describe the landscape with official geological terms. 

Along the way, you completed a very big challenge.  By discovering what makes various landforms so unique, you figured out the best kinds of locations for Mr. Yinnaire to construct his schools.  Without your help, he might have put a rocket-testing school next to a marsh!  I don't think that would've worked out so well!  Just think, your expertise about landforms could someday be useful to architects, construction companies, scientists, and so much more!

So now what?

You might be thinking, "That was great, but what else is there?"  We've only touched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to geology.  There's so much more you could explore!
Here's a list of extensions and other activities to keep you going.

  • Use the online resources to find 3-5 more solid or liquid landforms not yet explored.  Find a way to creatively teach them to the rest of the students.
  • Use kid-friendly search engines, such as and to find other websites about geology.  Grade the websites on how useful or interesting they are.
  • Find a website that offers virtual tours on geology.  Set one up for your class.
  • Try to locate the landforms you learned about on a globe.
  • Create a list of actual places in the world that would be ideal for Mr. Yinnaire to construct his buildings.  Write a letter to him with these new suggestions.
  • Create a chart explaining the pros and cons of the building models Mr. Yinnaire intends to construct for his schools.  Search out building models on the internet that might be better suited for their purposes than the ones he chose.
  • Hone your landforms knowledge with an online game site for geology.  Try:  or

Mr. Yinnaire would like to thank you for your work.  Click the play button on the screen below.

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