Mr. Vaandering's Geology WebQuest

OK, geologists, let's go to work!

Now that you've got your Research Guide printed out, you and your team are ready to research.  You may click on any of the links below to take you to websites that will have information about your landforms.  You may be required to type in the names of your landforms in order to locate the correct information.  You might find that you need to visit a few different sites in order to get enough information, or to make sure your information is accurate.

On your classroom computers, you will also be able to access LibraryWorld, our Media Center's online database.  This will help you locate books, references, and magazines with information about your landforms.  Your researching should include at least one trip to the library for print resources!

Consider dividing up the resources so each member of the team tries something different!

When you find some information (data) about your landforms, use your Research Guide to record some brief notes about what makes each landform unique.  Don't write too much!  Keep it short and simple!  You will also want to draw simple sketches of your landforms in the spaces provided to help you with your presentations later.

Finally, when you find data to record on your Research Guide, be sure to write down the name of the source (website, book, etc.) where you found it.  The bottom line in each box can be used for that purpose.  Feel free to use the margins or the back of your paper if you need more space to write.

A good researcher (that's you!) thinks about what's important and what isn't.  You might find lots of stuff that's interesting, but always keep your goal in mind.  Don't write down everything . . . that would be WAY too much work!  Just record whatever will help you understand your landforms and will help you with your project.

Here are a couple of videos you may wish to check out too!  Remember, you can pause them or fast forward them as you wish.   

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